Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Rosin - good luck on "later" with Jools Holland.. but .....

Mama Rosin - Paléo July 2010

I've been following the Swiss band Mama Rosin for a few years now. I first went to one of their concerts (a small intimate one) in the 1306 club in Nyon back in 2008.

A younger Mama Rosin (with less hair) at the 1306 Club - Nyon 2008 

I saw them in the squashed, small and hot but great little venue Le Chat Noir in Geneva earlier this year.

I saw the crowd go wild when they performed at bigger outside festivals such as Paléo and Caribana. I even spotted them (by default) busking on Christmas Eve on the Rue du Rhone in Geneva. I know how much enthusiasm and hard work they put into their live acts. When they perform, their energy is infectious and almost everyone in the crowd ends up dancing, you can always be sure of a grand night out.

I've also written about them see  "two bands to watch out for").

Usine a Gaz -25 September 2010

Then last Friday they played at the Usine a Gaz in Nyon and one of the band members announced after the concert that they are scheduled to record on "Later" with Jools" on the BBC this very week.  My instinctive reaction was  "yes!  they deserve it, great news", (by the way I don't know these guys personally at all so there is no bias on my part).

but on the other hand.... there is that slightly nagging feeling that because of this new development, maybe  the small intimate venues will disappear, and fame and stardom will take them away from their Swiss roots.
I may be wrong of course, Mama Rosin are very good, but who knows, maybe there is a limited audience for their kind of music (even I wasn't sure about Cajun/ Blues/ Rock/ Zydeco combo until I went to one of their first gigs).  But recently, I have seen more reviews of them in the Anglophone press, see this one by Howard Male on the Arts Desk site. So the momentum seems to be picking up and they also seem to have acquired more fans after they performed at the Cambridge folk festival this year. So I have hunch they are going to go far.

Whatever happens after this week, I do hope that these boys from Geneva embrace any kind of fame that comes their way but they will still continue to play here in Switzerland and we can still get to the chance see them from time to time in the kind of venues that suit them best, raw, intimate and fun and bloody good.   Just like their music.

On verra...

Here's a clip below of them singing "Le Pistolet". It doesn't show them in concert, and they now have a different drummer and this really is more of a fun thing, but I guess once a bit more money comes their way they will get more vids professionally produced.


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